Admission Requirements :

FCES admits highly qualified applicants who complete and fulfill the admission requirements. As a part of Cairo University, FCES is not-for-profit institution, therefore, admission requirements depends mainly on the applicants qualifications.

1. Minimum admission requirement:

The faculty board decides on the number of students to be accepted each year according to the recommendations set by the English section supervisory committee. For the year 2006/2007, the no. of students is estimated at 450 students including Non-Egyptian students.

The admission procedure works as follows: Application process:

2 Tuition Fees: (High Quality Not-For-Profit Education):

As our slogan indicates, FCES is a not for profit institution aims at providing high quality education, therefore, tuition fees are very competitive compared to the quality of education provided. Tuition and fees for academic offerings would be announced for each year by supervisory committee, according to the executive regulations approved by the university and the recommendations of the faculty board.

3 Scholarships:

To encourage students to do their best, FCES grants students with high honors (excellent or more than 90%) or honors (very good or more than 80%) a reduction up to 50% of the tuition fees.